Managerial Four Stage Critical Thinking Model

Managerial Four Stage Critical Thinking Model

We all make decisions in the heat of the moment and when asked why we took a certain course of action we are floundering as to justify exactly why we did what we did.

A quick and effective tool is the ROAD model which can be quickly applied and used to, hopefully, make a better judgement AND one than we can then easily justify!

Read: gather all of the material that you need and read it. Understand its content and any bias.

Be Open Minded: try not to be persuaded by a particularly appealing message. Think about the wider implications of issues and working practices.

Ask questions: never, ever just take things at face value. Why, how, when and what are great words to use to drill down right into the meat of the problem.

Deliberate: you may have a lot of time to think things through or possibly very little time to decide. Whichever is the case think as much as you possibly can.

Managers make decisions: use ANY tool possible to make sure this is the best possible one that you DID take.

Good Luck!

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