Defining Your Personal Brand

Defining Your Personal Brand

We all need to have a Personal Brand: one that separates us from the huge crowd of rivals and competitors.

So, what should be in Brand Me?

  • What is your MESSAGE? What is this and how clear can people identify what it is that you are offering?
  • Make sure that you are CONSISTENT. Are your profiles on social media all saying the same thing and are you known, and respected, for being someone who can be relied upon?
  • Make sure that you are AUTHENTIC. Never try to be someone else just because they seem to do things better than you do. Falsehood is easily spotted and avoided by clients, customers and colleagues.
  • Make sure that you are APPROPRIATE. Dress for the occasion, network for the occasion in the correct style, present in the right manner. Be you but tuned into the environment – however defined or presumed.
  • Use the right LOCATION to get your message across. Put your views/opinions/beliefs/Mantra on one place online. This will make you easier to find.

Good Luck!

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