Be A Different Leader

Be A Different Leader

Good managers, those who make a real difference and achieve the success that others envy, have a style and approach that sets them apart from the managerial crowd of has-beens and nearly-successful.

Being different is not enough on its own; you have to devise and stick to a strategy, however unique or unusual this might be.

So, that said, what could feature in yours? Perhaps the pointers below might be useful:

  • Have a different, crazy possibly, vision and stick to it: know that you CAN change the status quo and make a real difference.
  • Work fantastically hard: this means putting in the hours to make that vision work. Other mere mortals go home at 5pm but the manager who is successful stays until the job is done! You will achieve in 4 months what it would take a rival working 40 hours a year to achieve. How good would that make you feel?
  • Make mistakes a learning point: it is no good lamenting what should have happened if the wheels fall off what you are trying to achieve – far better to learn from the experience and glean some innovation from the process. Be bold about mistakes – they are going to happen!
  • Encourage criticism: if you are too close to a project how can you truly see its weaknesses and areas for development. Who wants to go to market with a half-finished product?
  • Focus. Then Focus some more: decide what to do alongside what NOT to do.

Good Luck!

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