What Motivates You And What Career Should You Consider?

To increase your chances of success in the competitive job market try some brief reflection on the things that motivate you to try to narrow the gap between what type of job you would like and the types of interviews you are able to get.

We all have inherent values that lead us to certain careers, industries and sectors. What are yours?

  1. Power? Lawyer, Lobbyist, Police Officer, Politician.
  2. Control? Accountant, Air Traffic Controller, Operations Manager.
  3. Money? Estate Agent, investment Banker, property Developer, Sales Manager.
  4. Creativity? App Designer, Fashion Designer, Journalist, Primary Teacher.
  5. Adventure? Armed Forces Officer, Pilot, Retail Buyer, Stock Market Trader.
  6. Social Concern? Charity CEO/Organiser, Housing Manager, Immigration Worker, Social Worker.
  7. Independence? Author, Electrician, Event Planner, TV Producer.
  8. Knowledge? Doctor, Dentist, Lecturer, Researcher.
  9. Order? Hotel Manager, Librarian, Prison Governor, Software Developer.
  10. Security? Civil Servant, Barrister, Solicitor, Teacher.

Try this quick and basic self-evaluation tool to identify what you want from a career – it might just get you thinking about a career that you might not have considered!

Good Luck!

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