10 Career Challenges To Get Your Dream Job

10 Career Challenges To Get Your Dream Job

To increase your chances of success in the competitive job market you need to stand out from the crowd of other job applicants. This is not easy but a proven way of achieving this is to practice some of the suggestions below:

  1. Career Research: Spend at least an hour on the web researching a career path so that you really understand what is required, rather than a general view that may, or may not be, correct!
  2. Voluntary Work: Join a Charity and contribute to something that you really believe in – this shows your passion and commitment.
  3. Dream Job; How would you describe this? Write this down or map it out to show its constituent parts.
  4. Help Organise a Careers Event: Speed Event? Careers Fair? Career Talks? Workshops? Helping others will help you!
  5. Careers Advice: Contact a professional and get current and relevant advice and guidance.
  6. Enterprise Activity: Design a product or service and then market it and sell it. Great things to talk about at Interview!
  7. Challenge Yourself: Learn a musical instrument, start a hobby, join a debating group, join and get involved in a charity fundraiser.
  8. Informational Interview: Interview a professional and script your questions and write a blog on the experience!
  9. Poster Design: Inspire other job seekers around you with a poster of your experiences!
  10. Work Experience: Get a Part Time job or organise a work placement for yourself. Why not Work Shadow someone you know?

Good Luck!

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