Management Deadlines Revised – A New Way

Management Deadlines Revised – A New Way

The traditional view of setting a deadline and implying pain, discomfort and making excuses as to why things have not happened is finished – there is a new way to get staff to deliver on time, on quality and on quantity.

Business-critical tasks or urgent jobs are pushed to the back of the queue in favour of tasks that are already overdue,  which then creates havoc for scheduling and planning of activities and resources. Traditionally false and unrealistic deadlines are set to try to take account of such slippage and uncertainty – we all ask for details of the deadlines set and then work out where the “wriggle room” is to give us some breathing space.

A terrible state of affairs!

To try to find some sensible common ground the best way is to focus upon transparency in setting tasks and completion parameters. If we all understand the real, actual and totally accurate deadline set and we all work collectively towards that goal the chances of success increase!

If that deadline cannot be broken we all have some clarity, rather than wandering around thinking that there is some “wriggle room” as a safety blanket. This then allows managers to deploy urgent tasks strategically knowing turnaround will be rapid.

If taken on-board totally we can then plan for project teams to schedule their activities and deliver on time, on quality and on quantity.

Give it a try!

Good Luck!

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