7 Ways To Develop An Agile Organisation

7 Ways To Develop An Agile Organisation

Some businesses, some departments are well just a little too slow to deal with the complexities of the modern business world and are steadily getting left behind. Sooner or later they are so far off the pace that either radical surgery is needed or they just cease to function meaningfully and the end is truly nigh!

An agile organisation is something that has the ability to quickly adapt to market changes.

So, what makes an agile organisation and what are its features?

  1. It is fast moving
  2. It is flexible
  3. It shows a rapid response to unexpected obstacles
  4. It encourages and leads change
  5. It strives for, and achieves, continuous competitive advantage
  6. It has a flat organisational structure for quick communication
  7. It is continually in touch with customers
  • The first step in transforming into an agile company is to recruit or systematically develop the skills of employees who can lead that change for the company. The culture of the firm or department has to be reflected in its senior managers so that any resistance to new ways of thinking can be overcome. Therefore the entire company should be educated on the agile framework to eliminate misconceptions.
  • The second major change requires collaboration. Teams cannot operate in silos. There must be cross-communication that builds trust. This allows decisions to be made quickly without creating bottlenecks in the process. Recognition should be based on teamwork, rather than individual performance wherever possible.
  • The third key step is to make the process very quick and easyto learn. If the new process is time-consuming or has too many regulations and rules it will fall apart before it even gets started. Employees need to believe this new process will remove barriers and obstacles that promote resistance or silo working and increase interactions. A solid transformation will lessen the opportunity for failure.

The next step is for you to look at the department or organisation where you work and apply the 7 Pointers to the way in which you do your business.

Do you agree with them but, far more importantly, do you actually put any of them into practice?

True agility does not emerge overnight and takes time but, just as in nature, only the fittest and most agile businesses are able to weather change and make the strategic and operational environments work for them, and not against them.

Good Luck!

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