3 Quick Ways To Increase Your Resilience

3 Quick Ways To Increase Your Resilience

Everyone has their own perceptions on what Resilience is and how far this stretches before you cannot adapt any further.

Resilience is often seen as the ability to bend to the situation you are facing without actually breaking and fine-tuning this ability will help you become a more effective manager.

People who are resilient are more open and more willing to take on new challenges and opportunities than those whose resilience is lower or more limited.

Resilience is about far more than just surviving: it is all about self-development and not being afraid of situations that are challenging and stressful.

Increase your resilience by practising the following:

  1. Take personal responsibility: you can never control everything around you but you do have total control about how you choose to respond to challenges and new tasks. Take personal responsibility for your reactions and attitude and in turn this will give you the power to cope with the situation and manage the end outcome.
  2. Always be positive; having a positive attitude allows you to see the negatives of any situation so that you can see the correct way of dealing with the new situation. This avoids the “hope for the best” style of dealing with challenges which is unlikely to get you very far.
  3. Have an open mind all of the time: change is the only certain in the world in which we live so this needs to be accepted as such and behaviour modified accordingly. If we change the way in which we see the world then we can actually work with change for the positive, rather than just reacting to it.

Good Luck!

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