The Five Ingredients Of Successful Management

The Five Ingredients Of Successful Management

  1. Vision: create a vision and paint a picture of the future that generates excitement, activity and most importantly movement to get the organisation to where it needs to be. Make sure that things keep running well and that the organisation is being managed effectively and efficiently. Never be afraid to change this vision as the strategic environment changes.
  2. Ownership: take ownership of the problems as well as the successes. This will inspire confidence amongst the staff and stakeholders of the organisation. Always make sure that ownership is a regular and consistent feature of your management style and that of the organisation itself.
  3. Achievement: just “doing the job” is not achievement. Achievement is obtaining and reaching the big goals that have been set and which we can all feel proud about! Always view this in terms of having a strong and positive outlook and approach to delivering goals.
  4. Collaboration: build solid relationships with both individuals and organisations. Clear and effective lines of communication, problem solving and delivering on what you say you will are key basics in making collaboration an essential ingredient in the success of you as an individual and as an organisation.
  5. Authenticity: be honest, be totally honest and your reputation for the truth, and hence authenticity, will always feed into your brand, develop your reputation and drive up sales. Treating others with respect and kindness will similarly contribute to the growth of both income and satisfaction.

We will never know what the future holds but we know it will be different from what we have now: using the Five Ingredients will assist in the future-proofing of you and your business.

Good Luck!

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