How To Use The Continuous Improvement Quality Model To Get Into University

How To Use The Continuous Improvement Quality Model To Get Into University

So, you have made some decisions about the subject that you want to read at University (the WHAT? Question) and have some idea of the campus or campuses that would be ideal for you (the WHERE? Question)  so the next big Question is the HOW?

Competition is fierce so getting to where you want to be is about success in your forthcoming Assessments, whatever they might be.

The simple Plan – Act – Monitor – Review model of Continuous Improvement is a proven means by which industry systematically increases the effectiveness and efficiency of activity to achieve their stared goals – in your case getting to University!

Think like a Manager!

  1. Plan: be clear about the Grades that have been agreed for you to get into your choices and decide upon the best way to improve or develop your skills to achieve your target. Identify exactly what changes you need to make to your study plans and revision strategies; get advice from staff at College and set out your learning path with specific techniques and routines.
  2. Act: what are you now going to do? Implement your plan and stick to what you set out to do. This may involve some challenging personal development and, if so, this can only be a good thing as it shows that you are determined to get to the position outlined in the Plan! Always eek advice and guidance and share learning techniques with your friends that help feed into your Plan.
  3. Monitor: on-going performance management. If you have a Plan including a systematic and rigorous Timetable of revision and study support record this and see how your revision programme is developing. Are you getting improved grades for coursework that contributes to your final marks? Are Mock Exams less of a chore and more of a support to your revision now that you are using a Continuous Improvement approach? Always, however, recognise where improvements and changes are needed.  If you are not following your Plan recognise this and make changes – the clock is ticking!
  4. Review: how effective was your performance? Did you actually reach your target and achieve your goals? What personal reflection can you undertake by way of assessing how you achieved the goal and how can you use this for your Undergraduate studies? Also what have you learned about your strengths and weaknesses? A good activity here is to carefully build upon the strengths while trying to eliminate the weaknesses that you have identified. What areas for further development come out of this for you?

Good Luck!

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