3 Stage Plan For Effective Performance Management Over The Year

Delivering an effective and efficient Performance Management Programme across a 12 month period requires careful consideration to ensure that all parties fully understand the content of each section along with recognising the importance of correct scheduling of activity and its content.

If any of the above points become unclear or are confused and possibly overlap each other the picture becomes muddled and will result in either poor processes, leaving all sides confused and not gaining anything from the process, or it will decay and not deliver any real outcomes.

The following Stages should, if followed, deliver positive outcomes:

  1. Start of the year – The Performance Agreement:
  • Define role profiles and update any content if this is needed
  • Do the role profiles describe clear and measurable key result areas and competences required?
  • Define and set out key goals and standards to be expected
  • Identify and agree key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Set out Development Plans as appropriate
  1. Dialogue as the year progresses – on-going Performance Management:
  • Monitor progress and present/review evidence that supports progress towards goals set
  • Provide informal, on-going feedback as required
  • Provide any coaching as required
  • Update role profiles and objectives as necessary
  1. End of the year – Performance Review:
  • Preparation – analyse achievements over the year (work related and outside work if needed) against the objectives set
  • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses on the basis of accurate and reliable evidence
  • Assess overall performance
  • Provide feedback on performance with the use of measured and evaluative language that is clear and concise
  • Use the conclusions drawn from the process to set the next year’s objectives and targets
  • Agree further training and development to achieve this

By following the above pathway managers will be able to deliver good quality performance reviews which will then build into a progressive and developmental framework to allow for growth of the individual member of staff aligned with corporate objectives and departmental planning.

Good Luck!

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