Effective Words To Use In A Workplace Performance Appraisal

As you appraise an employee’s performance, you can pack a powerful punch if you use certain key words. Here are the most effective words you can use in a variety of job performance appraisal categories:

  • Quality and quantity of work: accuracy, thoroughness, productivity,and goal attainment
  • Communication and interpersonal skills:teamwork, cooperation, listening, persuasion, and empathy
  • Planning, administration, and organization: goal setting, prioritizing,and profit orientation
  • Leadership: accessibility, responsiveness, decisiveness, collaboration,and delegating
  • Job knowledge and expertise: knowledge base, training, mentoringand researching
  • Attitude:dedication, loyalty, reliability, flexibility, initiative, energy, and volunteering
  • Ethics:diversity, sustainability, honesty, integrity, fairness,
  • Creative thinking: innovation, receptiveness, problem solving,and originality
  • Self-development and growth: learning, education, advancement, skill building,and career planning

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