How To Design A Truly Effective And Efficient Production Layout

  1. Identify the different t asks involved and their immediate predecessors: make sure that these tasks are analysed and mapped out so that you really understand what is involved in each. Once this has been done check to see the previous task fits into the task that you are now examining – this will ensure a strong degree of connectivity which will drive the process through.
  2. Define the Output rate that you want to see achieved: this is critical in setting up a system that will deliver what you want to see achieved.
  3. Determine the cycle time: from start to finish be clear on your desired cycle time to achieve your end result. This will probably involve working backwards through the system you are designing to ensure that your target can actually be achieved.
  4. Calculate the number of work stations that are needed to run the system: this has to be accurate to ensure that the system is efficiently delivering your desired outputs but also must be just enough to ensure careful control of costs and associated expenditure.
  5. Assign discrete tasks to each workstation: this has to be very carefully considered so that the production flows but also so that there is, as far as possible, a fair allocation of work amongst the staff involved in the production process
  6. Calculate carefully efficiency, idle time and effectiveness: where are the bottlenecks in the system and where can they be eliminated or controlled. If there is some idle time in the process what else can the staff be assigned to do to ensure maximum efficiency?

Once completed run the system and MEASURE the results: what does this tell you and what can be refined and changed to further refine and fine-tune the system?

Good Luck!

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