Why Giving Management is a key success factor for organisations

Why Giving Management is a key success factor for organisations

Managers need to inspire and generate engaged and committed team members – this can be achieved through some very simple giving techniques that cost little but deliver much!

  1. Make your staff feel important 
    What simple, basic things could you do to make people feel that the work they do is important, and that they themselves, as people, are important to your team.
  2. Focus on the feedback
    Is your motivation genuine, or is it to gain points? Are you picking the right moment? Does your feedback delivered well and how do you take into account the feelings of the recipient?
  3. Give people visibility
    Get staff to shine and develop themselves and raise their profile. If staff see that their contributions have a strong and positive impact that will contribute more and encourage a strong spirit of development amongst all in the organisation.
  4. Forgive and not punish
    Let go of any negatives around staff who have made errors in favour of encouragement and support. What do you need to let go?
  5. Give encouragement
    Look around you and pick someone who needs encouragement, and resolve to give them that.
  6. Give opportunity
    Many staff rarely get a chance to express themselves and raise their profile. A truly good manager is the person who shares out opportunity evenly and often to those team members that have not had a fair chance to express their creativity, skills, flair and personality. What doors can you open for someone who is well deserving, but not well positioned to be noticed?
  7. Share your knowledge and experience
    Spread your knowledge and expertise around the team and share critical learning with the wider team.

By thinking in a broader and more equitable manner the productivity and creativity of the team will rise accordingly.

Good Luck.

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