How To Give GREAT Feedback

The following simple Rules, if followed carefully and systematically, should ensure that  the Feedback process is a valuable part of the Manager – Employee/Team Member experience across both any reporting period but also as part of specific, goal or result orientated feedback on performance.


  • Criticism or praise should be communicated continually throughout the period under examination and should always be followed up with a formal link to the Annual Appraisal process
  • The purpose of feedback needs to be fully and carefully explained with care taken to make the point that feedback is all about improving the performance, and worth, of the individual member of staff. This is also linked to the opportunity to progress and take on more challenging, and more rewarding, work and activity.
  • Start with positive performance but never overload this – it is far better to concentrate on one or two key behaviours or attributes and build your approach from there.
  • Focus on the specific aspects of behaviour and performance that CAN be changed rather than this that cannot.
  • Offer suggestions, support and include clear action plans with follow-up dates.


  • Should approach feedback as a partnership process not a debate into the mechanics of what went badly and what went well.
  • Take notes as much as possible: this may be a courteous and worthwhile encounter but a record of discussions is always a must!
  • Make sure that you have enough time to put your views across and that you leave the meeting feeling that you covered all of the points that you needed to put over.
  • Always ask for clarification if you need to if what is being said is not clear.
  • You should seek a balance between the positives and the negatives of your performance – if you only get one you must ask for the other.

Great feedback systems should encourage staff to give of their best and allow managers to plot the most effective and efficient use of their staff.

Good Luck!

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