How To Get Employee Engagement And Commitment

How To Get Employee Engagement And Commitment

Chasing the dream of a fully engaged and committed workforce is difficult but CAN be achieved with four simple steps outlines below:

  1. Have a strong strategic narrative: let the staff know where the organisation is going and why this path has been chosen.
  2. Have a strong line management structure: NOT strong in terms of an autocratic approach but a system that lets employees know what is expected of them, that makes them feel appreciated, that gives them autonomy and which gives them ample training and development opportunities.
  3. Have a strong Employee Voice: make sure that the Employee Voice is heard everywhere in the organisation, that their opinion is valued and that people feel that their input is important.
  4. Have a strong commitment to Integrity: do what you say you will and do not leave gaps in terms of intention and actual behaviour.

Good Luck!

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