How To Generate GREAT 360 Degree Feedback

How To Generate GREAT 360 Degree Feedback

Good 360 degree feedback should focus on the HOW part of staff achieving their targets and outcomes. Whilst every organisation will have its own views a good start is to look systematically at the competences that allow successful completion of individual objectives.

The following simple 9 Competences should feature in any system but certainly need to be considered if introducing or modifying and existing 360 degree process in your organisation.

  1. Teamwork: genuine willingness to work with others in a co-operative, assertive and transparent manner to achieve a common goal where group interests are placed above those of the individual.
  2. Creativity: the generation and development of ideas, considering internal and external environmental factors to take full advantage of company activities in the marketplace.
  3. Focus on stakeholders: effective and on-going adaptation of personal behaviour to the values and principles of the organisation.
  4. Entrepreneurial spirit: looking to develop ideas that will enhance the business both inside and outside the individual’s job role, tackling obstacles and calculated taking risks.
  5. Strategic thinking: understanding the situations in the external environment and those facing staff within the organisation itself to make decisions that further and grow the business.
  6. Customer service orientation: willingness to serve and anticipate customer needs, recognising that internal customers are just as important as external customers, and taking appropriate actions to meet these needs.
  7. Development of others: continuous commitment to stimulate the learning and development of others so that they consciously aspire to meeting their professional development.
  8. Information management: the ability to search, investigate, analyse and manage information and to effectively communicate this with others within the organisation.
  9. Development of alliances: identify and maintain long-term alliances and working relationships with individuals, organisations groups and institutions, both within and outside the organisation.

Getting 360 degree feedback right generates outstanding performance – but only if it is organised correctly in the first place!

Good Luck!

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