9 Top Tips To Make Performance Management Effective

9 Top Tips To Make Performance Management Effective

The following principles should guide any manager in the art (never a science!!) of actually delivering a performance management system.

Your Performance Management system should have:

  • Clear aims and measurable success criteria
  • A design philosophy that is implemented with appropriate employee involvement
  • A simple structure that can be understood and is easy to operate
  • A structure that is fundamental to achieving ALL management goals
  • A clear correlation between an employee’s performance goals and those of the organisation
  • A focus upon role clarity and performance improvement
  • A clear link to a well-designed and relevant and adequately resourced training and development infrastructure
  • A very clear, concise and direct link between any form of reward and outcomes of any review
  • Proper and rigorous equity and transparency standards
  • A regular means of reviewing the system against its success criteria

Whilst every individual organisation in every sector of business will have their own views the list above identifies the bare bones of designing and implementing a system that has rigour, that can be refined and developed and will be understood and used in good faith b both sides of the managerial divide.

Good Luck!

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