What A Good Manager Should Do Every Day!

What A Good Manager Should Do Every Day!

We are all full of good intentions, good ideas and good thoughts but, as the day progresses, these noble intentions and ideas often get push to one side with the inequitable cut-and-thrust of the management process.

Putting that to one side for a moment the following 5 Principles just might help in setting a path that helps deliver the type of results that you need and want for your area of responsibility.

  1. Lead by example when it comes to working hours: while it is never sensible to work excessive hours at the coalface managers who work the longest hours in an organisation inevitable have staff who put in longer hours that the average employee. It is clear that hard work and longer hours, always within reason however, pays dividends all-round.
  2. Ensure an even allocation of work: an uneven allocation of tasks and work always develops a strong sense of demotivation in the team. Those doing too much resent it whilst they see their colleagues doing relatively little – those with too little to do see their colleagues working hard with bigger workloads as somehow better respected and valued than themselves. Either way alienation, demotivation and stress results for those both overworked and underworked!
  3. Maintain and develop a large internal network in the organisation: larger managerial networks ALWAYS correlate with more positive business outcomes for your Department. The wider you contact colleagues the greater will be your engagement and involvement in the wider aspects of the organisation.
  4. Always pay attention and schedule 1:1 meetings: this is a vital part of any manager’s role and breeds engagement, involvement and commitment.
  5. Be engaged with your work: a manager who is not engaged and enthusiastic about the role is a bad manager for others to follow. Disengagement and boredom/frustration quickly spreads

Never be the manager who does not subscribe to the above!

Good Luck!

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