5 Effective Steps For Effective Recruitment and Selection

5 Effective Steps For Effective Recruitment and Selection

Organisations are able to control many of their resources through planned managerial interventions and by setting up control systems. The one challenge that remains for managers is to have the right staff with the right skills at the right time – the key to this lies in recruiting and selecting the right staff for the job.

This all starts by having a systematic and rigorous approach when sourcing and appointing staff – the following 5 Steps are a starting point for Effective Recruitment and Selection:

  1. Conduct a thorough and rigorous Needs Analysis:
  • Is there a need to appoint in the first place?
  • What are the requirements of the job itself?
  • What skills are needed for the job?
  1. Set up good quality Documentation:
  • Is the Job Description as thorough and relevant as it can be?
  • Does the Person Specification really hit the mark in terms of what you are looking for?
  • Are we using Internal or External recruitment and why have we chosen that particular approach?
  1. Setting up the Advertisement:
  • Using Internal or External media?
  • Are all of the legal considerations fully covered?
  1. Drawing up the Shortlist:
  • Criteria all mapped out and subject to rigour and checking?
  • Are we totally clear who is being invited for interview and why?
  • Can we fully justify why we are rejecting applicants at this stage?
  1. Making the Appointment:
  • Are all of those interviewed made aware of the outcome of the process?
  • Have the legal formalities been completed?
  • Have we taken up at least two References and checked the responses out?
  • Have we got the Contract of Employment written and ready to issue?
  • What have we prepared for the formal Induction process?

Good Luck!

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