How To Get On In Your Career

How To Get On In Your Career

We all have drive and ambition but, sadly, for some of us this is a real challenge and a bit of a slog! Everyone will give you advice on why this is and possibly, just possibly, these pointers might be useful for you and your career path!

  1. Help your line manager to be successful. If you understand what will make your manager look good you should then work towards them achieving this. By doing so your manager will appreciate what you are doing and automatically realise that your input is very worthwhile which in turn raises your profile. Your manager will also want those around them who are collaborative workers and who are also capable of solving problems and taking decisions.
  2. Never become so specialised in your skill set that you have a limiting field of expertise. To make inroads into career progression avoid becoming too narrow in your focus and try to develop a range of skills. Taking a sideways move often pays dividends because this adds to your wider appeal.
  3. Show that you are ambitious! There is nothing wrong with showing ambition as long as you are no too vocal around this. Remember nobody likes colleagues who are CONSTANTLY into self-promotion and personal development.
  4. Commit to continuous improvement. Avoid the temptation to decide that your task is completed and cannot be either further modified or developed: a good way of measuring this is to ask for feedback from colleagues on how they might have carried out the task and what they think comes next from the process. A passion for self-improvement and knowledge should be what drives you forward!
  5. Have a positive attitude. Just how obvious is your thirst for knowledge and passion for development? This will set you apart from the also-rans in the career chase.

Good Luck!

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