How To Organise Yourself – some simple Tips

How To Organise Yourself – some simple Tips

All staff with management responsibility need to be organised and to have EFFECTIVE and RELIABLE systems to ensure that they meet their operational responsibilities. This is also important to show those staff to whom you are responsible that you are managing in a professional and capable manner.

There are many methods by which to ensure that you can deal with and maintain control over work activities, one of which is establishing a series of Bring Forward Files. This system, if you ensure that you follow its principles, will allow you to plan your activities and ensure that key events and activities are achieved.

This involves the use of 7 Files or Folders each with the day of the week on it. The next step is to then place reminder sheets or the actual documents you will need to access on each day, ensuring that at the end of each day you check the contents of the following day Folder to establish what the key activities for that day will be.

If you miss one or more activities then these will go into the following Day folder for immediate action.

The Bring Forward Files then rotate as you work through each week and are used in accordance with your working patterns and activities.

Each day at work is always different and will have unique problems and issues; starting the day/shift with an appropriate Action Plan for the day is ESSENTIAL. These Plans can be easily constructed and used as a focus for an ongoing check on performance. A typical plan for a day might have a number of tasks attached to it, all of which are graded, according to their relative level of importance or urgency; keeping your eye on the ball is essential.

Good Luck!

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