Four Top Tips For Successful Change

Four Top Tips For Successful Change

  1. Cognitive recognition: we are all suspicious of change but the more we understand why change is necessary (often by seeing what will happen if we DO NOT accept change!) the more likely we are to readily accept it. Leaders who explain the broader contexts of change always get buy-in from their people while those that impose change wrestle with negativity and resistance for very long periods of time.
  2. Manage your resources well: identify carefully ways to redistribute resources toward activities that require few resources but result in large change – and away from those areas with large resource demands, but relatively low impact. This is all about carful and precise management.
  3. Appoint a ‘champion’ – a highly respected insider who is supporting the cultural change in principle, and what is needed to do to build coalitions and devise strategies for change. An effective champion can help leaders not lose touch with what is really happening in their organisation.
  4. Recognise that it will not be possible to convert everyone at once. Hence, it is better to start with people who have disproportionate influence in the organisation – get them committed to the change, or, failing that, encourage their departure. Then, once they are committed to change, shine a spotlight on their accomplishments, so others get the message.

Getting change recognised is a big challenge but the bigger task is getting change accepted: this requires patience, persistence and guile!

Good Luck!

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