Four Senior Management Top Tips For Successful Change

  1. Allow for some degree of autonomy amongst managers so that they are able to fine-tune operations to allow the organisation to get closer to customers and local tastes. Poor organisations are hemmed-in by a culture of red tape and bureaucracy – if this can be relaxed to allow for some localism, whilst not completely disregarding corporate processes, everyone wins!
  2. Bring in fresh blood and thinking to supply different skills and experience from the outside. New people, ideas, and strategies can lead to behavioural and performance changes that, in turn, can affect new ways of thinking and culture change.
  3. Does your policy on Incentives actually bring about successful and lasting change? Incentives to reward performance affect behaviour and performance and attract new resources and capabilities are essential ways of attracting and retaining the best talent.
  4. Is the organisation seeking every day to increase feedback, evaluate performance and take appropriate remedial action designed to change incentives, resources, people, methods and processes in order to foster strategic and operating goals? If we just accept the status quo then we are not progressing, not developing the business and not working to change how we do things for the better.

Getting change recognised is a big challenge but the bigger task is getting change accepted: this requires patience, persistence and guile!

Good Luck!

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