A Three Stage Organisational Health Checklist

A Three Stage Organisational Health Checklist

So, putting down the rose-tinted spectacles for a moment, as a manager ask yourself the acid question: just how healthy is your organisation/department/section/team?

When the Annual Appraisal comes around the sorts of questions that your line manager will be asking of you are exactly the same questions that you should be asking yourself continually.

Organisational health falls into three broad stages: take 30 minutes and ask yourself how you and your team are measuring up to the following pointers.

  1. Organisational Capability: is the structure of your area delivering what is needed, are tasks set out correctly, do systems and processes actually mean the customer gets what they want and are tasks completed to a specific set of quality parameters?
  2. Strategic Direction: are customers at the heart of what we are about? Do our products and services actually relate to the markets we are working in? Are we in the markets that we think we are in?
  3. Human Capital: does the staff possess the right competences that we need and do they show the right mind-set for what we want to achieve? Do they have sufficient knowledge, skills and talent to not only deliver what the customer wants but to exceed this so that they become loyal and reliable customers? In terms of the visible and invisible management style in the organisation are the staff actually applying themselves or are they just going through the proverbial motions?

It is only by asking such questions that real progress is achieved, that we understand how and why things happen the way that they do and that the organisation/department/section/team evolves and grows.

Or we could just not ask the questions and hope for the best.

You decide.

Good Luck!

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