10 Reasons Why Committed and Motivated Employees Are Vital For Your Business

Committed and Motivated employees:

  1. Have a positive impact upon productivity and performance
  2. Influence the day to day standards of customer care and service which customers will always remember
  3. Drive forward product quality and safety
  4. Have exemplary levels of attendance and punctuality as they feel part of the organisation
  5. Deliver and practice a concern for the environment
  6. Will identify and suggest practical methods to improve production-methods
  7. Will identify a huge range of cost-saving ideas and initiatives that managers will never see
  8. Will suggest new and improved sales, marketing and advertising practices
  9. Will identify new products and services
  10. Will suggest areas of change that will have positive impacts across the organisation and customer base.

OR you could just ignore their input because, as a manager, you have got all of the answers already!

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