4 Essential Critical Thinking Skills For Management

Why Critical Thinking Is An Important Management Skill

Is it better to just accept things that you hear or see? Do we regularly take things at face value?

Poor management is always the result of a lack of critical skills; this is often because assumptions are made that fit our pre-existing views and we find comfort in information that conveniently links into this comfort-base. It is uncomfortable and challenging to recognise that what is a convenient may give us a false picture.

What about proof? What about the physical evidence? Asking questions? Wanting more information?

In management you MUST look at all of the potential sides to an argument and read/gather information as widely as possible.

Using the ROAD Model:

Read – read as much as possible to get a grounding to get a concrete view.

Open Minded – never allow your mind to close down options and to just make assumptions, especially if those options are “convenient” or fit nicely into a solution that would suit you!

Ask questions – the more questions you throw out there the more information you will receive and the more detailed your view of the problem/issue becomes.

Deliberate – look at all of the options and think carefully about the pros/cons of each before arriving at the solution you will implement.

Good Luck!

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