Four Essential Qualities Of A Good Leader
The leadership qualities that are required to make a good leader can vary in different companies, teams and situations.

However there are four key qualities that staff look for in a leader, regardless of the context of the organisation or the situation at any time. They are:

1) Staff want a leader who is honest, trustworthy and has integrity.

2) The leader should have an outlook that is forward-looking, with a vision of the future, foresight and with a focus on the long-term, not just the current situation.

3) Staff want a leader who is competent, has expertise and really understands what is going on.

4) A leader should be inspiring, dynamic, energetic, optimistic and positive about the future.

So,how do you measure up to these simple points? Perhaps assess your current leader to see if they can deliver against all four points – if they cannot work out in your mind the changes you would make and then use that reflection in planning out your next career move into the next leadership role you will be seeking.

Good Luck!

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