Five Ways TO GET A Pay Rise

Five Ways TO GET A Pay Rise

Nobody wants to work for nothing and similarly nobody expects to be very well paid for doing very little: we all need to find the happy medium between the two points.

However we all probably feel that a small, well-deserved salary increase would be both welcome and would be a fair reflection on what we are doing for the organisation. The problem comes when we try to put this into action in such a way that the organisation will recognise our argument and react accordingly.

Trick is, however, in putting this across well and succinctly so that we get a salary increase and not s firm “NO!!”

Pitching this requires research, careful consideration and a huge measure of accurate self-reflection. Put simply you need some good reasons for claiming the additional reward. The following 5 pointers might help you in achieving your goal.

Always remember that a strong, balanced and measured argument is hard to challenge!

  • My skills have developed considerably from the point at which my salary was last evaluated: I deal with far more complex issues, generate far greater income streams, manage more staff than before and contribute to a far greater degree than my current salary point and have helped launch new products and services to new and existing customers. I have also identified numerous cost-saving initiatives which have fed directly into the bottom line.
  • I have taken on a significantly greater level of responsibility than my current pay position requires. Have you taken on additional work when others have left or been seconded away? As such you have generated significant savings for the company and some of that saving should be heading back your way.
  • My skills and abilities are in demand from other organisations (make sure you have fully researched the market here – having your bluff called at this point will end any arguments in your favour!!). The longer you stay with an employer the greater the risk that your salary is squeezed: this is because you are too loyal and subject to HR Policy on pay that restricts annual increases! Combat this with your research from the job market.
  • Are you in control of a key process or part of the organisational architecture? If you have that responsibility where the success of a key part of the organisation rests with you your strategic importance will add significantly to the salary you can command.
  • Has your salary package fallen below the market rate for the job? If salary compression has squeezed you to the point of leaving and you recognise (and can prove this) it is a fair bet that your employer also knows this, hence making your argument that little bit stronger.

Always remember to do your research before having the debate!

Good Luck!

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