Five Ways NOT To Get a Pay Rise

Five Ways NOT To Get a Pay Rise 

We all want a fair level of reward for our efforts and we all could benefit from additional income – to actually get an increase in salary requires careful planning. Nothing annoys your line manager in terms of being asked for a pay increase like the following arguments:

  • I cannot survive financially on my current salary. This is the single worst possible reason to ask for a pay raise and shows that in terms of managing your own finances you make poor decisions (always excusing the principle that unexpected financial missiles do hit from time to time). Why did you actually take the job?
  • I have received extra training so I’m worth more money. This only has a slim chance of working if your new training relates directly to your impact on the proverbial bottom line.
  • I am working very hard and I am therefore worth more money. Take a look around – so is everyone else!
  • I have unique skills and practical knowledge so I am worth the extra money I am chasing. This is only going to work if this really is the case – so ask yourself if this mirrors the true reality of the situation.
  • If you do not give me what I want I will leave! Giving an ultimatum seldom works but frequently gets the “So leave then” response.

Best not try any of the above!

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