How To Protect Your Brand

How To Protect Your Brand

Your Brand is your most important asset: it tells a potential buyer everything they need to know about you and your product or service. As such the Brand MUST be kept safe at all times to ensure that your market share and business relationships are benefitting you, and not your rivals.

What basic steps can you take now, and every day, to maintain your Brand?

  • Be transparent. Not just when problems occur. Let your word be your bond and let the customer see that you are genuine and what you say will happen, actually does happen.
  • Remember that part of your Brand is your DNA – your “roots” have to show. Let your customer know how you have got to where you are now and what this means to you. What lies behind the glossy paperwork or flashy logo – what are you all about and what is your over-riding aim? What is your history?
  • Be multi-cultural. Be proud of your diversity both in terms of your organisational structures and in the markets that you serve.

Strong organisations protect their Brand the very minute it comes under attack or threat. Crisp, effective and concise communication is critical here and remember that the art of silence is NOT protecting the brand: silence destroys your Brand!

Good Luck!

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