5 Gold Standard Interview Questions

5 Gold Standard Interview Questions

Recruiting the best talent is critical to the lifeblood of any organization but carries with it huge risks and uncertainties. Asking the right questions in an interview can reveal if a candidate will be able to make significant contributions to growth and development of the organisation and to fit into your existing culture well.

The problem is so many candidates come with the standard array of answers to anticipated questions it is becoming harder to identify real talent and the risk of making poor recruitment decisions is becoming more and more of a serious problem.

So, that said, what questions can separate quality candidates from the crowd?

Perhaps the five below will do the trick:

Describe your best day at work.

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

Tell me about the last customer experience you enjoyed and what made is so special.

What’s next?

What makes you proud?

Have no particular “ideal” answer in mind and let the candidates work hard to impress you!

Good Luck!

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