Winter Weather Costs Badly prepared Managers Millions

Badly Organised Managers Losing Millions …………… ALL Because Of Some Bad Weather!

Every year successful (and not so successful it has to be said!) businesses loose huge amounts of revenue and goodwill because they fall foul of poor weather conditions!

It seems like the stuff of a bad dream but every year, come snow, frost, heavy rain and whatever else comes along as a gift from Mother Nature, businesses lose money simply because they have failed to prepare for seasonality.

Severe winters cost businesses dear!

Up to 33% of all businesses have no Contingency Plans to deal with such eventualities and the cost of disruption is high: it is estimated in the UK that the average cost to businesses with a heavy snowfall runs to £35,000. Here the Public sector really does lead the way where systems are generally well-written and have rigour from sensible and practical planning.

Too many organisations fail the test and resolve to sort things out for next year but, sadly, never actually come up with anything either solid or meaningful for next year’s crisis!

So, what practical steps should businesses be taking to avoid this potential annual crisis?

  • What you expect is rarely what happens! Can your business processes really continue if the weather turns bad? Planning just for snow limits what you can do when faced with flooding or prolonged frosts which paralyse transport systems. Plan for ALL eventualities.
  • Test and test again continuity systems. Threat this in the same way that you test Fire systems so that you are totally confident that procedures will work and can be relied upon.
  • Always remember your Supply Chain: are your suppliers and customers similarly well-prepared because even if you are ready you will encounter serious problems if both ends of your supply system cannot cope with what is going on!
  • Make it a Senior Management responsibility: business continuity = business survival so this has to be given to a member of SMT and definitely not the most junior person in the business who has a pulse! This is strategy, not operations!

Good Luck!

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