Five Top Tips To Succeed As A Manager

Five Top Tips To Succeed As A Manager

In the competitive management arena success depends on making your position clear and your style visible BUT the following Five Top Tips will assist you in becoming the manager you should be.

  • Build productive working relationships: these develop over time with the key skill being in you finding common ground and building up sustainable and meaningful rapport. In this way it is far easier to drive forward with change and innovation and to influence others. Do this with everyone you speak to or come into contact with and remember that a broad base of contacts and links pays dividends. Always.
  • Never, ever take things personally: always remain objective whatever the circumstances or issues that you are facing. The bigger picture should always be uppermost in your mind and whilst setbacks may be upsetting you must be able to rise above this and become a more strategic player.
  • Prioritisation and discipline are the key: there will be many distractions along the way but the key to success is all about having a focus. Sometimes the most basic ideas give the best results or greatest returns and simple Time Management tools can really help with pushing forward your agenda.
  • Being stubborn never pays: forget the ego, let the issues go if you cannot hope to win or if you decide to dig your heels in! You have to listen to what others are saying and take on board their opinions, however challenging or distasteful they might be.
  • Build coalitions to make change happen: change is seldom achieved by one lone voice but great change can, and does, come from a chorus of voices.

Good Luck!

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