Using Total Quality Management In The Service Sector

  1. Understand and work out how to meet customer needs and expectations: how much do you really know about the needs and expectations of your customer. There is a real danger here of just assuming key pieces of information rather than asking some difficult questions about how what you do NOW meets their needs NOW and in the FUTURE.
  2. Cover all functions: this is not just about Sales or Production as it goes to the very heart of the different functions in the business.
  1. Involve all levels: not just the responsibility of the staff making the product or delivering the service as it involves EVERYONE, pushing in the same direction at the same time. Thing is, does everyone know this???4.
  2. Examine the current cost of quality
      1. External failure: how much is it costing us to put things right when it reaches the customer?
      2. Internal failure: how much is it costing us to put things right before it gets to the customer?
      3. Appraisal: how much is it costing us to check things before sending out the product or delivering the service?
      4. Prevention: if we get it right first time at every stage then we will not have any problems.
      5. Work out how to design and deliver services and products right first time: invest time and effort in optimum design and delivery rather than just having a go and seeing what happens.
      6. Develop a quality management approach: invest in quality systems and procedures at every stage not just before the customer is about to receive our product or service.
      7. Continuously look for ways to improve the business: no business ever continued by just standing still. Always remember that survival is not compulsory – it is only an option!

Good Luck!

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