Keeping Customers Happy – Three Top Tips

Keeping Customers Happy – Three Top Tips

A retained customer is literally worth their weight in gold – all the hard work of approach and negotiation has been completed, they are buying so you need to keep them snug and warm in your bubble and not the bubble of your competitors!

Try the following Top Tips to keep your customer happy and buying from you.

  • Understand their expectations: understanding what these are is absolutely crucial to keeping their business and in keeping them satisfied. If you do not know what they expect how can you ever attempt to please them?
  • There is nothing better than your organisation being effortless to deal with. If your customer care skills are excellent you are more than half way to retaining and developing your customer: make order placement easy, make delivery a breeze, make Invoicing plain and simple. Keep everything basic and transparent. Why make life difficult for your customer?
  • Work continually to lessen the stress of doing business with you. Does the customer know what is going on, do they understand the processes that you use and are they sure that exactly what they ordered is exactly what will arrive?

Keep the process continually under review and ensure that all feedback from all customers is used to develop your offer.

Good Luck!

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