What Will The Leader Of The Future Look Like?

What Will The Leader Of The Future Look Like?

Today’s chief executive already looks very different to that of 50 years ago. That person was almost certainly a He, sitting on the top- of a deep pyramid/hierarchy and expected to command in a dictatorial style with scant regard for the feelings of the minions.

Future businesses will be flatter and more lattice-like. Here authority is widely distributed as employees are encouraged to collaborate irrespective of business function or seniority. In these complex and unstable workplaces, leaders will have to create the conditions for others to come up with the new ideas. Leaders of the future set the parameters but then let others run with the ideas.

Scary stuff for the management dinosaur!

Even the title of ‘chief executive’ itself may become irrelevant with managerial decisions being made by teams of managers/leaders equal in authority and responsibility.

The transparent leader

Tomorrow’s leaders will face ever-increasing pressure as the rules of organisational design and performance evolve. More mainstream media, speeding up of business outcomes, increased global presence and the drive for accountability and transparency.

Resilience and the ability to foster this quality amongst staff at all levels will be a critical success factor in the successful manager’s toolbox.

The future is anti-centric

The days of the single manager with the overall picture, dictating direction and performance in a vacuum away from “where the acti9on is” are long-gone! The future is all about setting the operational context and background and enthusing willing and able staff groups to come up with new ideas, processes and work methods to achieve what is required.

The future manager will put others in the centre of things relying upon shared intellectual curiosity, emotional resilience and care, empathy and a strong and reliable skill set around listening.

The data-driven decision-maker

Regardless of background, discipline or personality, the successful leaders of the future are likely to be those who are adept at using insights from big data to help them achieve their goals. They will have not only their own skills, but will also put in place data analytics experts and ensure that the right teams surround them – so that reliable data can become information and ultimately knowledge.

Future managers will always appreciate the importance of data and its potential. Data will determine what success looks, feels and smells like! Data brings with it accountability of staff teams in a way not previously considered but a strong future manager will also let the data speak for itself when the need arises.


Big data will be used to deliver and establish transparency, relevance and results across the entire enterprise. It will be a world of quick-fire decision-making, driven a lot less by instinct and a lot more by analysis.

So, are you ready?

Good Luck!

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