Top Leadership Lessons

Top Leadership Lessons

Having an up to date leadership style is an essential for successful organisations and for your own personal development! Nobody wants a manager from the dark ages where the autocratic approach rules anymore.

Consider the following pointers that will help refine your style and approach!

Give your staff some meaning and context

If your staff cannot perform to their best then you are failing as a manager! Create an environment where they can flourish and develop. Give their work real meaning so that they take a pride in what is being delivered and that their input matters.

Meaning is absolutely vital.

Can your staff see their role in delivering what the organisation is about?

You cannot be popular all of the time!

Difficult conversations are all part of the job – whilst we all like to liked sometimes there are awkward and challenging issues to be dealt with which you need to deal with and never shy away from!

Sometimes conflict and confrontation, if handled well and with care, can bring about good changes and result in better and more targeted performance. Have straightforward, open and honest conversations – tough and focused but always polite and respectful.

Whatever happens remove the “elephant in the room” and move forward from that point.

Employ staff who will fit in

Many managers make the mistake of just employing people based on their skill sets and NOT how they will fit into the culture. What would be the point of employing a manager with fantastic skills but who then went about annoying colleagues, avoiding issues and creating more problems than they could ever solve?

Know and fully understand the culture and expectations of your organisation or department.

Good qualities include being a self-starter, being resilient and thinking “outside the box”. Perhaps you could begin by considering some of the qualities and attributes that your next appointment should be offering your organisation?

Make decisions inclusively

All staff like to be involved and generally the more collective input there is in making a decision the greater is the success of then making the “right” decision!

People do not always expect their input or opinion to win but they do like to feel that they are involved.

Good Luck!

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