The Ten Qualities Needed For Success

The Ten Qualities Needed For Success

  1. Burning ambition

You want that promotion, the lead on that exciting project, to make a success of your own business. So does everyone else. The big question is how much you want it. Winners thirst for success, and are prepared to give more, sacrifice more and do what others would not do  to achieve it.

  1. Dogged Determination

Successful people see things through. When they fall – which at some point everyone does – they dust themselves off and try again. Mental and physical resilience despite what life throws at you are key elements to developing a winning attitude and handling pressure.

  1. Unwavering Belief

The relentless pursuit of excellence requires serious self-belief with successful people taking encouragement from their successes while identifying and working on areas to improve.

  1. Realistic Optimism

Successful people tend to remain upbeat, frequently turning negatives into positives and thereby avoiding becoming demoralised.

As a result of this combination, successful people recognise the importance of managing risk making calculations about likely outcomes and expected benefits/costs.

  1. Mutual respect

Recognising that success in business is rarely the result of one individual alone: teams and their dynamics are key factors to both understand and manage for the successful manager.

  1. Maximising opportunities

When a chance comes along, do you take it? High fliers grasp opportunities with both hands – though not without carefully considering the consequences.

  1. Disruptive thought

Challenging the norm and looking at things in a different light are ways of bringing in change and improved performance. An innovative mind and the ability to step back and see the big picture are a must.

  1. Constant curiosity

Self-improvement is about more than just practice. The pursuit of perfection also involves a hunger for knowledge. Successful people want to understand everything about their chosen field (and often other fields too), in order to master it.

  1. Intrinsic Generosity

Trusting people and being generous with your staff go a long way towards making your own agenda a success – put simply this will men that you get far more from your staff and your networks.

  1. Single minded focus

Ambition and innovative thinking are often derailed by a lack of focus. Successful people have no time for such distractions. They also display great attention to detail, methodically breaking their larger tasks down so they can have simple, clear daily goals.

Good Luck!

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One Reply to “The Ten Qualities Needed For Success”

  1. You have an incredible list of 10. I always wondered if, “Adopt a love for change” might be a good one to include on a list like this. Many of your suggestions include the idea but I have seen so many people want to change their lives but don’t actually want change. They freak out when the first small change comes. Anyway, thanks for the great info.


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