How To Prepare Future Leaders

How To Prepare Future Leaders

Ice hockey players skate not to where the puck is, but where it is going next – so how can we prepare our future leaders for the working world of tomorrow?

  1. Create a culture of analytics. It doesn’t mean everyone has to be a data scientist, but they should be equipped to make more data-driven decisions.
  2. Build cross-discipline teams. Choose managers who have multidisciplinary background, ask them to look at unrelated businesses, borrow ideas and seek opportunities to collaborate.
  3. Develop an execution approach: analytics and collaboration are meaningless unless ideas are applied and decisions acted upon.
  4. Take the broad view on talent. Look far and wide. Partner with the best and most applicable degree programmes.
  5. Offer the widest array of experiences to promising young leaders, and focus on the special skills that the future leadership of your organisation will require.

Good Luck!

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