Working A Room – Some Golden Rules

Working A Room – Some Golden Rules

Consider the following pointers when making your business approach and consolidating your networking style.

  • Where are you? It is impossible to get business and contacts on the edge of a gathering! Wallflowers are very pretty but are never key in the big picture!
  • Appropriate Behaviour! Be professional, courteous, polite but focused. Always.
  • Get comfortable! Practice and refine a style and approach that you are at ease with.
  • Be good at observation. Good networkers and room-workers are excellent at judging interactions and seeing when is the best time to make an approach – but also the best time to withdraw and consider the next move.
  • Making contact to create the right impact. Dive in too soon and you look desperate but waiting until the moment has passed leaves you empty-handed and with nothing to show for being near the action but not being a part of it.
  • Learn how to break in/away. Timing is everything here – practice makes perfect so if you realise that you are getting it wrong analyse why this is and how you can correct your style to get results.
  • Influencing the conversation. Care needed here to ensure that your message is relevant and focused but at the same time engaging enough to get the point across so that other parties will engage to find out more about you and your offer.
  • Networking between the sexes. Always tailor your approach very carefully and remember that male banter is acceptable between males (possibly!!) but this requires refinement and modification in other contexts!

Good Luck!

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