What Are The Core Questions For My Business?

What Are The Core Questions For My Business?

Before you can talk about your business you need to know your business – sounds very obvious but you would be amazed just how many people running a concern never really ask themselves telling and powerful questions about what exactly they are doing!

So, what Core Questions should you be thinking about here?

  1. Who is actually involved in the business? Who owns/runs/manages it and who exactly are the stakeholders in it?
  2. What customer pain does it solve? If there is no pain to be solved, or if the pain is not eased by your business, you have a serious problem!
  3. What customers do you have? Who are they?
  4. How are you going to ease your customer’s pain?
  5. Where are you going to operate from and what geographical area are you aiming to cover?
  6. How will you get your product/service/offer to market?
  7. When are you planning to do this?
  8. When will you know that this has been done?
  9. How are you going to make a profit?
  10. How will you use the profit that you have generated?

These questions are iterative – you must come up with answers and then refine the answers and ask the questions again. Only be refining this process down will you fully know and appreciate what your business is about!

It is perfectly normal to doubt that you have got it right – if in doubt ask people for their opinion and take on the situation – in this way you will unearth new perspectives and generate a fresh approach to the growth of the business. Ask consistently right questions to refine and develop the business.

Good Luck!

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