Being a leader is a very challenging task and requires many different skillsets to make this a success. Whilst much has been written around the need to get “leadership” right many different writers have proposed a seemingly endless list of different factors/attributes/approaches that can, and should perhaps, be used in chasing this elusive goal.

One possible way would be to consider the following approaches in your own leadership journey:

  • Do Strategy: Be very aware of the factors shaping your organisational environment and then identify what your vision, strategic direction and operational focus will be to create future growth.
  • Do Change: Look at situations that need to be sorted out and that are just untidy and poorly performing: develop skills in revising/refreshing and create new plans for failing/problem areas.
  • Do Contracting: Identify where you need to bring different people together and be recognised as someone who can make those seemingly contradictory groups of people work together for something good and positive.
  • Do Building: Create and develop new initiatives and products/services and be an Entrepreneur or if not, an Intrapreneur.
  • Do Innovation: Make sure that you identify new and better ways of doing things that then have a positive impact on the work of the organisation. Solve as many difficult problems as you can.
  • Do Effectiveness: Is your area running like a smoothly designed engine or is it all about stop/start delivery with many crashes and bumps along the way?
  • Do Coaching: Coach to always get the best from your people.
  • Do Communication: Involve, engage and stimulate those around you with good quality communication every time.

Good Luck!

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