How To Shine In The Spotlight

  • Do your homework: minimise the risk of being hit hard by anticipating the sorts of questions and issues that you will be faced with.
  • Get your thoughts together and use time wisely: being given a tricky question is best dealt with by asking for the question to be repeated.
  • Never make a statement or raise a point that you cannot then justify or prove: very risky, possible to get away with this occasionally but not as a regular strategy.
  • Get your questions in too: make these open and evaluative which then gives you time to ask more questions and clarify your responses.
  • Fess up! If you don’t know something, and it’s not worth the gamble, say you don’t know!
  • Never panic: breathe slowly and carefully combined with speaking slowly BUT once you have made your point, be quiet!

Good Luck!

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