What Skills Are Needed To Be An Effective Leader?

Briefing – delivers necessary and accurate information to staff at the right time and ensures their understanding

Inquiring – gathers all the available information as a basis for informed decision making and problem solving

Caring  – recognises the needs of staff and give practical support to help them address their problems

Developing  – identifies learning opportunities for staff and agrees actions to enhance their performance

Acknowledging Achievement – motivates staff by praising and rewarding good work

Giving Constructive Criticism – explains the consequences of under performance to staff and agrees actions to improve standards

Persuading  – overcomes resistance from staff and effects change by gaining commitment 

Managing Conflict – establishes the causes of existing or potential conflict by listening to alternative views and taking actions to defuse it

Incident Management (Operations) – manages an incident by following company policies and procedures, ensuring the safety and security of staff

Completing Written Work – produces accurate and objective written information in accordance with standards and procedures

Analysing Written Information – identifies problems, draws conclusions and makes written recommendations that are operationally sound

What action points from this can you identify for yourself and what will be your strategy moving forward?

Good Luck!

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