1. Carve your own niche in EVERYTHING that you do – this includes the collaborative partnerships that you enter into.
  2. Work hard to not only spot trends but aim to lead the market in as many ways as you can – build connections with people that really matter.
  3. Always look for ways to improve your Brand identity – this is a clear way of protecting your customers.
  4. People are consistently the best asset of any company – surround yourself with people who are as passionate about your vision as you are!
  5. Aim for a blend of young, passionate and committed employees that are matched by older, more experienced staff who bring knowledge and know-how.
  6. Think long-term in everything you do – a brand with longevity is always better than aiming to ride a popular wave which will crash and be deflated very quickly.
  7. A high-volume approach can saturate your market to such an extent that there is no room for manoeuvre or product development.

Good Luck!

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