Management Problem-solving Checklist

Management involves dealing with problems because, if the job was just plain sailing, everyone would be a manager!

We stand, or fall, by the decisions we make that are built around dealing with issues and problems that need a managerial solution. Many managers will “faff” and never actually make that decision for fear of failure: more bombastic managers just dive in feet first and hope for some kind of divine inspiration – or pot luck – to make things better.

One way of increasing the effectiveness of our problem-solving might be following the Four Point Plan outlined below:

  1. Confront the problem: if you do not fully know WHAT the problem is, how on earth can you start to make an attempt to solve it. Ask questions. Get facts. Know what it is that you are up against.
  2. Make it clear that together we will ALL solve the problem. This is not the time for imposing your huge managerial presence on the little people – the more people that have a view, and an input, the more likely it is that the best solution will emerge.
  3. Use positive behaviours to keep the focus on team unity – nothing disintegrates a team quicker than poor behaviour at any level in that team. Keep the focus on the problem, involve people and keep them informed.
  4. Motivate each individual in the team – make sure that you really know what motivates each team member, what their aspirations are and how you help to achieve them.

Good Luck!

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