What Soft Skills Do Managers REALLY Need?

We are all bombarded by claims that employers are looking for soft skills in their managers – but what skills set the collective pulses racing and which are, well, a bit lame?

The answer lies in the selection below which would set any managerial candidate apart from their rivals.

  1. Conscientious – self-disciplined, hardworking, organised and reliable.
  1. Open to new experiences – curious and experimental, and particularly good at learning from those experiments (known as ‘learning agility’).
  1. Extroverted – outgoing people have superior social skills (though ‘socialised introverts’, those who can successful train themselves to act like extroverts, can be just as strong in this area).
  1. Resilient  – successful people usually have low neuroticism (people who tend to get stressed when making a sandwich are unlikely to last long at the helm of a bank).

Consider how YOU measure up to these and adapt your style/approach accordingly – get that promotion!

Good Luck!

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