What Does A Bad Manager Look Like?

What Does A Bad Manager Look Like?

Bad managers sadly outweigh good managers – in a working career if you experience a 50:50 split of good and bad managers you are very fortunate because the vast majority of staff are more likely to suffer at the hands of bad management rather than experience the motivation and commitment generated by good management!

So what does a bad manager look like? The points below should get your creative thoughts flowing:

  1. Has a “one style fits all” way of dealing with staff. It is irrelevant whether or not you are a good or weak member of staff the same monosyllabic approach rules for everyone.
  2. Selects and cultivates “golden children”. The chosen few – or one – get all the attention, training, perks, favours and chances to excel – regardless of how successful you are they get every perk going. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?
  3. “Be reasonable, see it my way”. Bad management never considers that there might be a better way than their way, never consults and never asks for assistance. My way is best. Really?
  4. Has a rigid mind-set – especially true where previous roles shape the current role. The manager with financial responsibility in their previous post now has to juggle with a competing range of issues not all of which are financially motivated and where some degree of financial risk-taking is needed. Why is it that Directors of Finance struggle to make it to the broader remit of CEO?
  5. Only my agenda. The work of the team is all about output and performance hence they give very little time to the importance of soft skills amongst the team members due to an all-consuming drive for hard outputs. Disappointing and frustrating.
  6. Lacks any sympathy or support. Look, I have told you what I want what part of “just get on with it” do you not understand?
  7. Managing time is a bit of an issue. Bad management sets the timeframe and expects output. See 6 above.
  8. No interest in the team – this is because it takes time to get to know my staff and this is time that could be better used elsewhere. Mainly on myself.
  9. Talking to inferior beings really is not a good use of my time and I am a busy person – have you not realised that yet? See Point 6 above.

Although a little tongue-in-cheek see if you can identify any of the above points in your workplace.

Be brave and see how many of the above YOU are guilty of as a manager – time to make some changes if you can identify even a few of the 9!

Good Luck!

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