The Four Rules Of Performance

What sets out good performance from poor performance?

We recognise poor performance instantly but the science of Performance really boils down to four  inter-related components.

  1. Competence – are you credible in carrying out the task as set and required?
  2. Knowledge – do you actually know what it is that you are required to do and do you have the knowledge to carry this out?
  3. Skill – have you got the skills to complete the task to the required standard?
  4. Experience – does your career history/past performance show that you have the experience to complete the task? I might like to be the CEO of Google but, regrettably, do not have the experience to complete the assignment!

Those that perform well are inevitably much sought after  – sadly poor performers are not.

Good performers are successful people – this basic rule of science never changes.

Good Luck!

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